Weekly Pregnancy Support Classes

At Sacred Pregnancy Circles, women gather once a week for eight weeks to explore a variety of pregnancy related, rich topics. Weekly topics include Sacred Space, Connection and Expectations, Food and Body Image, Relationships and Romance (with partner), Fears, Forgiveness, Honoring and Sisterhood. Explore your pregnancy journey!

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Private Spa Treatment

This deluxe treatment which prepares the expectant mama for childbirth includes a bellycast, tub soak, lunch and a birth movie, henna belly art, a guided meditation, birth visualization, sound therapy, intention card reading, pregnancy photo shoot, and AromaTouch (application of essential oils). Pamper your pregnant body!

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Mother Blessing Ceremony

Mother Blessing Ceremonies are attended by the pregnant woman's circle of support. We focus all of our attention on the joyful, and often transformational process of pregnancy, labor and birth. Come, let us celebrate you!

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Let's Get Started!

You are only pregnant for a short while. Don't miss out on celebrating YOUR pregnancy journey! Click here to get in touch with me to ask any questions you may have or to book a service.

Sacred Pregnancy
Are you craving sisterhood with other pregnant women?  Come and be a part of an age old tradition where women gather with other women to share, empower, and do pregnancy related projects together.  A 2-hour 8-week class for women only. Mini field trips involved.
  • For women 3 - 8 months along in their pregnancy
  • Enlightened, Sacred, Connected
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Having difficulty finding time to connect with your pregnancy and your baby? In today's busy world, it can be tough. Come and enjoy the slow pace and down time while being pampered with your pregnancy. A 6-hour one-on-one private treatment just for you and baby..
  • For women 7 - 9 months along in their pregnancy
  • Relaxed, Pampered, Emotional
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Want to take your relationships with your close family and friends to a deeper level while asking for their unconditional support of your upcoming labor and birth? A Mother's Blessing Ceremony where you are the celebrant celebrates the rite of passage to motherhood.
  • For women 7 - 9 months along in their pregnancy
  • Cherished, Blessed, Supported
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Childbirth Education Classes
Are you and your partner needing childbirth education classes? Pregnancy Sanctuary offers Birthing From Within Classes, Bradley Method Classes, and HypnoBirthing Classes.
  • For couples 5 - 8 months along in their pregnancy
  • Educated, Informative, Compassionate
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