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Salt Bowl Ceremony in honor of Sarah Nannen


You are invited to be a part of a circle of support for Sarah Nannen who lost her husband on March 1st. She has 4 children ages 5, 3, 2, and 2-months. She is a dear friend of mine and a fellow birth professional from San Diego. This tragedy has been marked by Sarah’s courage. It is a dark passage she is in right now but she will find the light. Please bring something to add to the salt bowl… essential oils, herbs, citrus fruits, flower petals, sugars, etc. You are also welcome to bring small treasures like rocks, crystals, and beads. I will package our collective creation into loving jars of bath salts for Sarah that I will take to her in April. Every time she takes a bath she will have our loving salts dissolve around her, revealing treasures as she bathes.

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