About Us


My journey as a birth professional began with the pregnancy of my 1st child back in 1997.  I became fascinated with birth and was completely dismayed at how hard it was for my husband & I to get a nurturing experience.  I reached out for any information I could get my hands on, all in the pre-internet era.  I went on to have two empowering surgical births with my first two babies for breech presentations, on in 1998 and the other in 2000.

I was committed to making a difference for other pregnant women and enriching their pregnancy journeys and birth experiences. After the birth of my first two children, I attended a Labor Assistant workshop.  I had never heard the word “doula” before; didn’t even know it was a career.  I was all over it!  I got my birth doula certification in 2001 and went on to volunteer as a doula for 2 years with the UCSD Hearts & Hands Volunteer Doula Program.  Only after I had significant experience under my belt did I go on to charge for my doula services.

In 2005, I had a beautiful homebirth VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean section).  Best day of my life!  When this 3rd child of mine went off to Kindergarten in 2011, I began doing what I call “Pampered” services out of my home.  It was a hit, so  I opened Pregnancy Sanctuary in June 2013.  It is with great pride and joy that I offer my “Pampered” 6-hour private services, Sacred Pregnancy Circles, and Mother Blessing Ceremonies to nurture pregnant women.  I also hold my doula interviews and prenatal meetings at Pregnancy Sanctuary.

In addition to empowering women during their pregnancies and births, I also enjoy empowering adolescent girls by teaching Mother-Daughter Puberty Workshops.  I have been teaching these workshops since 2006 and enjoy them immensely.

All the work I do is incredibly rewarding.  The friendships I create with other mamas is a gift in my life.  I hope to meet YOU some day.


Linda Goldsmith                                                                                                                                                         Owner, Pregnancy Sanctuary