Kani’s Bio

V__F8CEI was born at home in Hawaii. That single event set the tone for my life journey and would eventually be the roots of what called me to become a birth professional.

I had my first child in 1997 when I was in my late 20′s. She was home birthed and I fell deeply in love, not only with her, but with birth altogether. When she was 3 years old, I took a doula training and went on to become a birth doula. I have enjoyed being a birth doula since 2001. In my mid 30′s, I had my second child in 2003, another loving daughter. She too was a product of a beautiful home birth. I gained even more passion for this journey we call childbirth and wanted to expand my services to include childbirth education for couples. I began teaching childbirth education classes in 2004. These classes were an eclectic blend of the prominent birthing techniques offered today. As my final birth triumph, in my early 40′s, I had my third child, this time a son. He too was born at home, right into the loving heart of our family in 2011. With my family complete and three children to raise, I took a year or so off from birth work to thoroughly enjoy motherhood. I started teaching classes again and this time around aligned myself more significantly with Birthing From Within™. I went on to get certified to mentor the classes. I enjoy the teaching style that Birthing From Within™ offers to pregnant mamas and their partners. Instead of giving answers, we encourage you to find your own answers to the ancient mystery of birth and what you think your birth journey will look like. Learning various coping techniques for labor has always been a favorite part of the class for the participants. I enjoy the sacred space that Pregnancy Sanctuary offers my clients and look forward to seeing you there.