Quinne’s Bio

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In 2010, July, we discovered we were pregnant, and the sweet joy that filled my heart and mind was calming and overwhelming at the same time. It was clear that our life was once again going to take a new direction.

I was surprised when the road brought us to San Diego, yet every day I am more and more grateful that it worked out this way.The birth of Charlotte Quinta awakened the “birth junky” in me. After watching “The Business of Being Born” in 2008, I was convinced that I was going to be the one deciding my own birth experience.

I was blessed with a memorable and stunning birth with the help of Sarah, our Doula and an amazing birth partner, my husband. With CQ’s birth I felt empowered as a wife, inspired as a “wild woman”  and as if my motherly instinct was naturally activated.

It is my wish for every woman to be empowered through her own creative process, whether it’s the birth of her child, the birth of her own business or just the creative process of living her life with courage, always staying true to her nature.

Becoming a doula was one of the most natural progressions in my life. My passion for the human experience continues to find expression, this time through serving women.

As a Metamorphosis practitioner, I am passionate about birth and how we create our experience.

Being part of the labor team, holding space for the family and creating an atmosphere that allows for a mother’s intuition to be clear at birth is my passion. As is allowing for her and her partner to move through the transition into parenthood with confidence.

About Birth Basics with Doula Quinne

My Birth Conversation classes with new parents is basic and simple and geared to normalize the birth of our children. A space where we can be reminded of the love when we birth a new life and also learn what to do with the fear and tension that the unknown and unpredictable can hold for us.

I incorporate a few different approaches to birth preparation, being certified through ICEA. For example; simple relaxation techniques from my practice with Metamorphosis, BirthArt from Birthing from Within, and wonderful scripts and comfort measure for both parents during this transition and path to meeting their baby.

“A birth education class is a space for you to celebrate your becoming a parent. A place to learn about the process of labor and the incredible workings of the body. Learn about the life and science of birth and how to support your labor in a harmonious and efficient way. There are many unknowns and a lot to learn. Learning which questions to ask can make all the difference for you and your baby. Knowing the workings of the birth world and business, the benefits and risks to all the different landscapes and scenarios available in today’s world will help you understand what’s the best fit for your family.
These classes are a place to create community, an essential part to having fun as a new parents, knowing you are not alone on this sometimes overwhelming journey.
And our children deserve their village.”